Coffee. Tea. Smoothies

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About Us

Anima Bella is an Italian phrase that means "beautiful soul". Everyone has a past but it doesn't have to define you. Like the lotus flower that grows untainted out of a muddy pond, God can turn your mess into something beautiful. Anima Bella was created not only to feed your body with quality ingredients but also to feed your soul with an atmosphere that encourages you to slow down and enjoy your day and time with friends and family. Come enjoy a hot cup of coffee, speciality tea or whole food smoothie while relaxing at one of our tables and playing a board game. Maybe your "cup of tea" includes some time to yourself, we also have cozy spots to enjoy a book or catch up on some studying. 

We are family owned and strive to offer the best customer service and to make you feel welcome and at home!

Fresh roasted coffee served in hot, iced or frozen. Enjoy it in an Oklahoma crafted pottery cup or get it to go! What is a whole food smoothie? Don't settle for a "smoothie" made with powder mix or fake flavors. At Anima Bella you will receive a fresh whole food smoothie made of frozen fruit picked at it's peak ripeness. No artificial flavors, dairy free and gluten free. Our speciality teas are individually crafted and lightly sweetened to minimize your sugar intake.